Dahlonega Literary Festival

03/07/2020 All day
Dahlonega Literary Festival
Address: 234 Hawkins Street, Dahlonega, GA 30533

I am very much looking forward to DLF this year!

I will be there most of the day!  Feel free to message me on Facebook if you’re trying to track me down!
If I’m not on panel, I may be at my table, manning both mine and that of Wine & Words.

Wine & Word  books will be sold through Bear Book Market during the festival.

Note, I will be on panel at 9:00
Dynamic Characters and Fantastic Worlds: The Craft of Writing The Paranormal
Erica G. Mason, Mab Morris, Beth Hermes, Mark Geatches
Moderator: Erica G. Mason   Rms. 126-128 (Church Library)