Night of a Hundred Moons

The Night of a Hundred Moons is less a book and more like a classical sonata; it is quietly brilliant, poignant, and evokes centuries of womanhood and motherhood in a single breath.”–Claire Ryan, author of the Daemonva Trilogy

“As a writer and a Pagan, I found Morris’ Celtic myth-inspired tale to be powerful, moving, and a strong reminder that for those of us who give our lives to Art, there are always loved ones who help to take up our other burdens. Highly recommended!” –Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia), author of the Wyrd West Chronicles and The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power.

Night of a Hundred Moons and other Poems brings together goddesses and nature with narrative poetry and free verse.  It was published as part of Mab’s collaborative work with Calhoun, and the first for 1100 Creative Ways projects.

Available in Amazon, or contact Dahlonega, Georgia’s Bear Book Market’s website or their Facebook page.

For visiting the site, here is another piece of artwork from the book: