And if you forget that you are human, even during moments with divinity, then you become profane. Would you have someone be guilty of merely being man?

~Mab Morris, The Red Khémèresh

Tapping the Edits

So, a while back I hired an editor to work on Fate of the Red Queen.  I’ll admit, I struggled, which came as a shock, because I’m usually quite willing to do battle with a book, and I’ve generally embraced commentary–even commentary I don’t agree with–because they make me think!  And THAT makes the writing […]

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I haven’t posted in a while.  I have a new job that is close to full time.  I’ve not learned to balance that yet with any kind of writing schedule.  Except I’m making movements.  I’ve realized I can’t do substantive editing any more, so I pulled that page.  I also took down the serial Relic […]

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