Glossary, Ihyel Timeline, and more.

Feel free to check out the TIME LINE for IHYEL BOOKS

For The Red Khémèresh a pdf of the glossary is also available.

As of August 2020, Mab is revising her novel Sen of the Woods. A preview of the cover art is below. The work is done by Calhoun, who worked with her on the book of poetry Night of a Hundred Moons.

Seek the Monster is forthcoming in the next few years.
PDF samples of  Chapter 1-2  This book is undergoing yet another revision, thanks to fabulous advice from a developmental editor, and a respected author friend. This is the third book in the Humna Arc, and is also stand alone.  It delves into a mystery tangled within demons, superstition, and reason. I am currently going over the edits from my editor.

A fun, a PDF short story that inspired, along with an incredibly old story start, the firebirds that are mythologically significant in Seek the MonsterShe Fades With The Firebirds. Just a point of interest.  It’s the first story I ever wrote, which got my first ever positively worded rejection.  It was originally published by one of the first online fantasy magazines, long since defunct.