Sample Chapters

Please enjoy the samples below. If you like them, you can send me your feedback through the contact form here.

The Red Khémèresh is a stand alone book, now available on Amazon, and samples are easily accessed there.  However, it is also the beginning of a Demi-God’s story arc.  Humna’s story is not a character in the following books, but I do imply his journey in them.   Samples of these books are here.

Fate of the Red Queen – Chapter 1 (PDF; the second book in the Humna Arc. This beginning is an old one, which was recently changed, thanks to advice by author Layton Green.  His books are among my favorites, and I am incredibly grateful he took the time to read sample pages and discuss them with me. I will upload a new sample once revisions of the whole book is done.)

Seek the Monster – Chapter 1-2 (PDF; the third book in the Humna Arc)

She Fades With The Firebirds (PDF; a short story in the world of Ihyel; the Firebirds are symbolic in the country’s mythos of Seek the Monster.)

The Bone Reader – Chapter 1 (PDF; the first in The Bone Reader Mystery series)

The Bone Reader – Toggas Deleted Scene (PDF)