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Painted Stumps and Tracking Changes

Colorful backpack that looks like an owl on the ground near a stump that’s painted red as a warning because it could be a tripping hazard
Owl Bag is humored by the painted tripping hazard on a trail with lots of roots and rocks.

There are many changes in my life right now. On one of my #OwlBag walks I was delighted by a painted stump. It was a small one, but clearly seen as a trip hazard. Along the journey, beside the creek, there are always roots, or rocks to possibly trip over… but periodically you come across a painted root, or a stump.

I learned something too, though, how to track. I’m obviously no expert. But as with being on the trail, it became symbolic. I am beginning to see the tracks of changes. It was interesting to note in the sandy path the bike’s tracks, and then as a runner passed me, to see how his tracks overlaid the knobbly lines of the trail bike’s wheels.

I could look back at my own path, and track the changes I’d made on the trail. How often it alters, like the creek when it rains. It’s the same creek, with the same bends in it that I remember from childhood. This path is new—open to the public, and more lives walking along it. If I walk slow, or jog when my body surges with the joy of being, I can watch out for painted stumps, and track the changes. I can move along, and Write On!