And if you forget that you are human, even during moments with divinity, then you become profane. Would you have someone be guilty of merely being man?

~Mab Morris, The Red Khémèresh

The WiP is a Dream.

It takes a long time to write a book, and get it out there.  I was meeting with Grant Searcey to discuss getting his help designing the dragons for my WiP (Work in Progress), The Wyvern. I knew I could do this on my own, but I also knew this was something he could have […]

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Which WiP?

I need to start using terms such as, “The one on my desk” or “The current one,” or stating, “The one I’m focused on right now is…” because the term WiP (Work in Progress) in my writing life is a bit complex.  There are times I talk about one of the books, and people get […]

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Being out of Touch

During a few online chats with an author I revere, that I realized I was far more out of touch with the Writing World than I had previously thought.  I had read some of her more recent work, but then I discovered about ten more books that I had not read, some quite new. The […]

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