Adventures of the Relic Robbers!

Relics the team has found.

Relics the team has found.

The Adventures of the Relic Robbers series is an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a while–to write a serial story.  This was part of a fundraising campaign Mab Writes for Water.  It was rough, and current chapters are still rough.  I’ll be revising this soon, also in hopes that it can be part of another campaign. Till then, feel free to find my FB page and make any comments about it.  You will be noted for your help when the book goes live for continued support for Charity: Water.

I learned from this.  I’ll handle it very differently from now on.  Less rough cut chapters.  No one seems to like that.  Finished, polished series from here on out.

Till then: Click on the Chapter to read the story!

Adventures of the Relic Robbers:
The Red Queen’s Cup

Chapter One: The Article.

Chapter Two: Fragile Female? 

Chapter Three: Arrogance Arrives

Chapter Four: Plans in motion! Or not.

Chapter Five: Trouble in the Village

Chapter Six: Big Tough Men

Chapter Seven:“They didn’t dart you with tea.” 

Chapter Eight: The Best Place to Rescue an Archaeologist

Chapter Nine: Sick, Stubborn Scholar! 

Chapter Ten: Who is the Bad Guy?

Chapters Eleven through Fifteen… THE END! 


Feel free to find out more on my FB page MabWrites, and go check out Charity: Water campaign.