Conscious Living in a Plastic World, Nature Trails, Owl Bag Adventures

Trash on the Trail, in the Creek

On a recent hike with my trusty Owl Bag, I noticed how much the recent flash floods changed the trail leading to the Lullwater Loop.  There was now a nice place to sit by the first of the man made falls, by the pump tower.  There were large trees and branches throughout the trail, as well as decided holes along the sandy trail from Hahn Woods to the loop. 

I also saw a lot of trash caught in the creek by more tree debris. 

I often wish I could get into the creek like I did when I was a kid. Even before the storm, there was often enough trash on the cree for me to wish it.  I don’t know why I’m no longer as brave.  At 54 years old I now think: wet socks, how deep, a long hike back in wet shoes, and so on. Water Moccasins ought to be something I remember more often.  Apparently an owl bag is about as whimsical as I can get. 

These are the reasons I work to avoid as much plastic in our plastic driven world. From using laundry strips, dish soap bars, shampoo bars, to toothpaste bites, and floss in glass bottles (though it came wrapped in bubble wrap <sigh>).

Note I did see, on that trip, a tiny brown snake (wrong head shape), sunning itself in a patch of light. Maybe a snake bite kit wouldn’t be a bad thing to add to the Owl Bag. What do you think?