There was a time when most of my books came from some “normal” process of inspiration. What is normal? Idea One finally meets Idea Two–and three and five and seven. Idea One is not monogamous (The b*tch. I sit there and sweat for years, frustrated and floundering, because Idea One is both so darned interesting–but incomplete– and so damned picky about her partners that nothing happens. Then suddenly, one day she becomes a total Idea Sl*t? So totally not fair–hence my interest in formula writing). And then Idea One and Company have a baby… I mean, I have a book.

The past several years, however, my dreaming mind, gives some some interesting groundwork for a story. (Which is kind of a relief from the rather frustrating behavior of Idea One(s) and Company). Of course they have some really odd edges, but sometimes they come with a full blown, interesting plot. Dream meets hard work… and I have a story. Sometimes I still have to let Idea One (the new One) meet the work, or the Dream meets an old Idea One… but this feels far less frustrating and: I have a book.

Just thinking about this, because I woke up with a really interesting scene. An interesting concept for a high magic prophetic type society. And one seer that defies their rigorous initiation… (Hmm. Brutal. Like first phase more often includes death). But there’s an intriguing other factor of what might be an attack. Why are they attacking this initiation compound? What’s going on there to make saving this girl both important, and completely contrary to their society.

Oh No! I just realized: Some dreams are Idea One!