Research Links

Writing a novel isn’t just sitting at a desk and plodding along, though that is a huge part of it. For me, creating Mythopoeia, it involves being inspired by the variety from the world around us. The reason these links are on a page called “distractions” is that often they can be so fascinating that I get… distracted.

Here are a few research links I used for Seek the Monster:

For clothing and iron works:

A site that began to freak me out: It’s not the site itself, but the picture towards the bottom where someone tests his hand size against that of the wolf. It made me wonder if werewolves do exist. However, the early term for a werewolf was “vargulf” and meant rogue wolf. And it was just a wolf that didn’t eat what it had killed, and nothing supernatural about it.

And a site that is great for ambiance!


Amanda Kyle Williams is one of my favorite new writers. She was generous and let me read an early draft of The Stranger You Seek.

Kathryn Hinds is not only a good friend, but her textbooks are great reading for young and old. I have often turned to them while doing research.