Writing Life

Coming Soon!

This is just the preview cover, by Grant Searcey artwork!

“I am not defeated! If my body falls, it is only that alone which dies!”

Faced with a war she could not win, the Red Queen sealed her country’s fate with her final sacrificial pledge. Yezgyin was locked into undeath, the people and their enemies alike cursed to neither live nor die unless the spell could one day be broken.

Centuries passed, and history faded into legend. Kuen, a newly anointed Red Nun, escapes a vicious attack on her convent, and flees into the Jungle of the Dead. Amid the ruins of lost Yezgyin, she mourns the death of her mentor and all she has known, utterly lost to her grief. But the jungle whispers of her, and its otherworldly inhabitants welcome her as their new Red Queen, the one who will break their curse.

Kuen must find her way through the demands of the past and the hopes of the future, as the Red Queen’s ancient adversary returns to win the war that never ended. With the life and death of Yezgyin at stake, she must fight for her own fate, or she and the people of the Jungle will never truly live again.