Writing Life

Cleaning up and Editing

I haven’t posted in a while.  I have a new job that is close to full time.  I’ve not learned to balance that yet with any kind of writing schedule.  Except I’m making movements.  I’ve realized I can’t do substantive editing any more, so I pulled that page.  I also took down the serial Relic Robbers.  It was rough, but I saved the chapters and will work on editing it at some point.  There’s quite a few ahead in the queue.

What I can tell you is that I’m working to find that balance, and I’ve started inking my planet’s map so that at some point it can be a dynamic part of my website.  There are three books in process of being published (I can’t believe I did this to myself, when I couldn’t find balance!) And yet I’m also looking at how to continue writing.  There are a couple of books that need finishing, along with a number that are chafing to be read.

You’ll still not hear from me for a while.  However, as I make some necessary changes, it is likely that I’ll post more regularly from here on out. For instance, I had an interesting exchange with Jane Lindskold, and I realized that while that was fascinating and she would be inspired to write about it, I also realized that I’d be crazy to force myself to add even another blog post to the pile of unfinished projects.

I’d rather be writing and editing than not, for now, and so hopefully I can share good news soon!