Perspective Shifts

Being out of Touch

During a few online chats with an author I revere, that I realized I was far more out of touch with the Writing World than I had previously thought.  I had read some of her more recent work, but then I discovered about ten more books that I had not read, some quite new. The only good thing about this revelation was the discovery of a great many books I could add to my “To Read” shelf. I finally made the move to audio books to add to my “reading” time.

Being out of touch with that world is perhaps not surprising. I am, possibly far too often, in my own head, or rather wandering the landscape of whichever country I’m currently crafting.  This is great for my books, I hope.  It’s been known to diminish my social adeptness.  From what I’ve been told, many of my friends realize I’m thinking about my writing ALL THE TIME. They are very patient with me. I don’t think I realized how often some story or idea is percolating in the background. Frankly I’m used to it, and have nothing else to compare it to, so it’s been an interesting discovery. Anything, and I do mean anything, might trigger a revelation about some missing piece or a new scene.  This leaks into my conversation style.

The past several weeks, I’ve not been posting.  I’ve either been on vacation, or so focused on getting revisions done that I haven’t bothered.  Conversations with this writer friend have helped me see that I haven’t bothered to do a lot of things, illuminating how I’ve been out of touch in the writing world, and a wee bit in the real world. I want to change that.  I am hoping to post at least once a week, on my journey to get more in touch with the Writing World, as well as staying in touch here.